Brazos County uses various mileage equivalents. Choose one from the list.

1) A measured mile at a track, walking trail, treadmill, etc.
2) Miles calculated using the mileage equivalency calculator at the state website.
3) 2,000 steps measured on a pedometer.
4) 20 minutes of any continuous exercise.

The Task Force thinks these options offer more flexibility to program participants.

Track your mileage electronically at the
state website.

Teams may also pick up a free Texas DOT map from the Texas Agrilife Office and track their own team miles at home or work. (1 inch = 23 miles)

Since we start on a Saturday (February 18), logically, our weeks will start on that date. This is not a requirement but it will be fairest if everybody uses the same periods to report miles. The first day of each period is Saturday and the last day is Friday. 56 days (8 weeks) ends on April 15th.

We ask that all miles be entered by April 22nd.

You can find a printable log for easy record keeping on the state website. 

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